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Playing with adaptive level of detail quadtrees


Quadtrees never fail to amuse. Source + binary (C#, Visual Studio 2012): QuadTreeImageToy Loosely based on http://devmag.org.za/2011/02/23/quadtrees-implementation/ The usual disclaimer applies: batteries not entirely included, unoptimized, it could be done cleaner.. [...]

Playing with adaptive level of detail quadtrees2014-05-27T17:55:21+00:00

Kezboards, umlauts and USB


While searching for some easy-to-add USB options for the new Goldfish development, I revisisted the V-USB package. This package allows you to add USB to any small microcontroller that can [...]

Kezboards, umlauts and USB2014-05-27T11:42:58+00:00

Goldfish V4 UI panel – Encoder Rings


The FPGA-based Goldfish is still in constant flux. I decided it needed more encoders on the frontpanel, AND some visual feedback for the value of each of the encoders. Each [...]

Goldfish V4 UI panel – Encoder Rings2014-05-19T12:29:29+00:00

Drafting the new Goldfish v4 boards


After playing with the FPGA boards for a while, I decided to completely overhaul the Goldfish board. Spending a bit more time and money will make this box much more [...]

Drafting the new Goldfish v4 boards2014-05-09T01:22:45+00:00

New PCB order – small DIP protoboards


Krzysztof Foltman writes: "Another PCB sent to manufacturing. This time, it's a universal 5x5cm protoboard. If you're a beginner at electronics and want to try making a simple electronic circuit using [...]

New PCB order – small DIP protoboards2014-05-05T18:47:39+00:00

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