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BigFish is our full fledged synth.

This beeper started out life as Goldfish; a plug-in on the PocketPC for the Griff sequencer, and a buzzmachine in 2002. It has grown up since. Swimming out of software and into its’ own enclosure for the first time as a self-contained synthesizer – coming out to play at the Landjuweel festival in 2015. Continuing on its’ journey it has now been netted by the modular system.

Many beep, beepy beep beep with buttons that click and indicators that blink and flash to anyones’ heart content.

Has its’ own certain sound that we have grown to love and we think you will too. Net this fish, good for your health.


Type   : Synthesizer
Width:  xxHP
Height: xx mm
Depth : xxcm Skiff friendly.
Power : 100mA 12V, 20mA -12V

Dear Superbooth17

What can I say? If you were there, you probably already know and if you weren’t there you can only stare at the pictures and be jealous. It was great. Really great. Supergreat. Anyone [...]

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