Advanced LFO & Drum Synth

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Wobbler² is an advanced LFO with two outputs & five drum sounds. It is our original Wobbler with an upgrade!

The Wobbler² LFO is a modulation source that adds controlled chaos to your sound and has five shapes, two of which are based on physical modelling. These five shapes now have five corresponding regions of drum.
This upgrade of our Wobbler is entirely made possible by Raspberry Pi. Their RP2040 is a powerful little monster that gave us the compute to bang on. Twang and Double Pendulum already had a percussive element and a decay story to it. The jump to add a drum synth felt logical. Besides, you always need more drums.

Wobbler² also gives you direct visual feedback of your CV output.
You can see the LFO wobble and the drum hit.

A classical music instrument always contains some natural chaos giving depth to its’ sound. In synthesized sound usually you have to make a choice between being in complete control of a flat sound or allowing randomness to run wild and give it character. We have used fresh takes on classical LFO generation and physical modelling as a modulation source so that Wobbler² can give you the best of both worlds – naturally occurring chaos that you can control.

  • With the SHAPE knob you select between five shapes
    • Basic LFO
    • Self-phased LFO
    • Twang
    • Double pendulum
    • Sample-and-hold
  • The MOD knob controls shape specific modulation
  • The big FREQUENCY knob changes the speed at which it oscillates
  • The SYNC input will change the FREQUENCY knob into a sub-divider of the incoming tempo
  • The PHASE knob controls the phase difference between the two outputs
  • SHAPE, FREQUENCY, PHASE and MOD all have CV inputs
  • The TRIGGER button can reset the phase of the LFO or restart the algorithm depending on your SHAPE selection
  • Both outputs have a knob to alter or invert the amplitude of the signal
  • Both outputs also have their own trigger output – sending a trigger at the start of each new phase
  • The two LED arrays show you the generated CV levels of each output

With the push of a LED button you shift the Wobbler² in drumming mode. Giving you a range of drum sounds, with regions of recognizable drums and a lot to explore in between. This is not just one drum, this is the whole percussive set with real and imaginary drums to bang on. Along with the drum Wobbler² provides the envelope or the negated envelope (ducking) and adds flexibility on the Decay of both envelopes. Play with it, see how you feel.

  • With the SHAPE knob you select a region of 5 drum styles
    • Bass drums and toms
    • Woodblock
    • Ribbing and rattling
    • Snare drum
    • Cymbals and claps
  • The PHASE knob controls an aspect relevant to that style
  • The MOD knob somewhat resembles velocity
  • The big FREQUENCY knob tunes the drum
  • The SYNC input adds an accent
  • SHAPE, FREQUENCY, PHASE and MOD all have CV inputs
  • The TRIGGER button bangs the drum
  • REGULAR output knob ranges between distortion or compression of your drum sound
  • PHASED output knob ranges between the normal and negated envelope of your drum sound
  • Both outputs also have their own trigger output – ????
  • One LED arm will show you when a drum sound hits and the other shows the associated envelope moving.

Our Wobbler² was designed to go on stage with you as well as being a staple in the studio.


Expected to be released sometime in 2022 & estimated to cost 350 EUR

Type advanced lfo & drum synth
Width 12HP
Depth 20mm (skiff friendly)
Power usage +12V 80mA
Power usage -12V  2mA