Getting a Fenix IV

We are opening up a list of reservations for our Fenix IV system during Superbooth19 where we will present the first prototype. First come, first served.

We have waited to start this reservations list until we had a Fenix IV to show you because although it is certainly part of the Fenix family, it is also very different from the earlier birds. Now that we can show you, let you hear and experience our Fenix IV we think you might know what you are signing up for.

If you want to be on this list please send an e-mail with the subject I WANT A FENIX IV to 

After Superbooth 19 we have developed and tweaked our Fenix further and are close to producing five systems with our beta-testers. When we are happy with our beta’s we will start producing 25 Fenix IV systems at a time. Our first batch of 25 is likely to be done august 2020 and we intend to produce 100 Fenixes over 6 months time in total. Please note that this is timeline is an indication – reality might be faster or slower. We will keep you updated throughout development on our website and social media.

When your number is up we will send you an e-mail that your Fenix IV system is ready for shipping, along with your invoice. We estimate the cost of your Fenix IV system will be €5.000,00 (including Dutch taxes, excluding shipping). You have two weeks to respond and make payment, otherwise we will move you to the back of the reservation list.

We are also planning pick-up parties in Amsterdam for each batch – more information on this will follow.

When we have send out our 100 Fenix IV systems, we will send everyone a wrap-up e-mail and delete all the e-mail addresses.

If it any time you decide that you are no longer interested in a Fenix IV please let us know so we can take you off the list.


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