Stijn Haring-Kuipers
Stijn Haring-KuipersPrincipal inventor, CEO of Void B.V.
“When in doubt,
fail harder!”
Priscilla Haring-Kuipers
Priscilla Haring-KuipersGeneral Manger
Organising the business and the humans.
Lauri Koponen
Lauri KoponenCollaborator signals & systems
Synth builder, connects to MIDI, CEO of Vaski Embedded
Sebastian Michailidis
Sebastian MichailidisSenior design consultant
“Ist das kunst oder kann das weg?”
Vera Hoveling
Vera HovelingProtégé
Working on master thesis in computer science on polyphonic pitch detection and source separation, as well as the general applicability of neural nets to audio.

“Everything is easy, once you know how to do it.”

We do what we do as open as we can. This means sharing our designs, our code, and our process. We hope that our experiences are useful to others. We believe in combining experts in open collaboration and making the magic happen. If you believe that you can do better – we invite you to do so and to please share with everyone.

The Lab

We have all the comforts and chaos of a wood / metal / electronic workshop and an audio studio with a wide variety of synthesizers. Divided between a basement and a shed in almost-the-middle of Amsterdam. It is usually a mess and there are always multiple projects going on. We work with different tools from many disciplines. Standing on the shoulders of giants, wearing a welding mask.

// Terms and conditions // Algemene voorwaarden // Complaints // Klachten

Please find a full version on the Terms and conditions here. In the Dutch language and following Dutch law; which has things like ‘reasonable use’  and ‘common sense’.

The most important things:

  • You have a two-week grace period in which to contemplate the wisdom of your purchase. If you decide you have been foolish – you can send the UNDAMAGED product back to us and we will reimburse you. We will not reimburse the shipping costs.
  • If our product does not perform as it should while being used as can reasonably be expected, we will replace it.
  • If any of the above happens or you have any questions or complaints concerning our products, our service or our distributors please contact us at
  • This is Not Rocket Science is a collaboration and not its own entity. Void B.V.  is responsible for most of what TiNRS does. Void B.V. is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce with ID 55918123 and has VAT number NL851909048B01